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Dear Friends, Welcome to WIROC 2020 UNLOCKED!

As we are gradually unlocking from this extra-ordinary pandemic situation, we are learning how to live with it as well. Now we are not panicked by the rising number of cases, but are learning how to manage it. We accept it as part of our day to day life as life has to move on... IOACON 2020 Mumbai got postponed to next year. Hence, we need to act as per our constitution and hold our Annual Meeting, our beloved WIROC before the end of this Academic year. We decided to have it in March 2021 to give maximum opportunity to have a physical meeting. We met enough on virtual platform, discussed maximum Orthopaedics pertaining to different subspecialties on Zoom, YouTube, Facebook and what not. Now the time has come to meet and greet each other, have our social interaction, have our networking but without forgetting the face-to-face friendly argument on our common platform of Academic Orthopaedics.

Hence let’s cherish WIROC 2020 UNLOCKED, which will open up all our desire of comradery, togetherness and friendship. Please start sending your abstracts soon. We shall inform you our gradually opening up process in due course as per the prevailing Government regulations. Please don’t hesitate to send your valuable suggestions on drssmohanty@hotmail.com. Best regards,



Bombay Orthopaedic Society

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Mumbai , Maharashtra , India