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Our oasis (orthopaedic association of south indian states) has travelled 2 decades From its inception since 2002. The journey has brought us to the present success of Oasis, with 2 physical cme’s & an annual conference in a year conducted by 3 out of the 6 states, oasis icl on first tuesday of every month from one of the 6 states, a class Journal on the verge of indexing, 3 oasis monographs, and 6 video journals, oasis Orthopaedic youtube channel and a mobile application oasis ortho.

It is time to celebrate the 2 decades of success, honour the people who brought this Success, and showcase this success to the world. So we are conducting a special oasis Conference – “oasis2dcon”. The oasis2dcon will span over 4 days with 10 live surgery Workshops in all orthopaedic specialities in 2 days and 2 days of conference with talks By orthopaedic stalwards from all over India.

Oasis2dcon will be conducted from 10th may to 13th may 2023 at tulah, chelambra, Kozhikode. We welcome all of you to this academic feast and glamorous Extravaganza.


Attendee Types

Early bird

UP TO 28 Feb 2023


UP TO 30 Apr 2023


UP TO 10 May 2023


INR 10000

INR 12000

INR 15000


INR 2500

INR 3000

INR 4000

Accompanying Person

INR 8000

INR 8000

INR 8000


  • Day 1

  • Day 2

  • Day 3

  • Day 4


Orthopedic Association of South India States (OASIS)

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Venue Location

Tulah, Chelambra , Kozhikode , Kerala , India