ISGCT 2020

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Dr.Agarwal Hospitals and gene research foundation have served medicine and research for over 100 years through 4 generations. With the advent of mana autologous DNA and stem cell therapy for the last 13 years over 18000 patients have been successfully treated. Dr.Agarwal Hospitals has remained a pioneer in many techniques one of them being autologous gene therapy which actually is based on one self's biological therapy. This hospital has always kept in tandem with the society and its needs. Thus recognizing the problem has started massive work in treating the otherwise untreatable diseases thus helping the sufferers to lead a better and healthy life using its own science and technology of autologous gene therapy. Dr.Agarwal Hospitals and gene research foundation is also the pioneer of stem conference in India.

For the first time in India a conference of such magnitude was held on November 2017 at IISc, November 2018 at NIMHANS and November 2019 at Bangalore Medical College where doctors and researcher from all around the world joined in to be a part of this extravaganza. Post the huge success of our third international stem cell conference.

It gives me immense pleasures to announce the fourth conference ISGCT 2020 to be held from November 28th and 29th 2020 Bangalore India. Taking research and development to the next level through the medium of the convention we invite you to partake in this extravaganza of 2 days of didactic lecturers, panel discussions, wet labs and interaction with like minded people from the industry both national and international speakers the government and autonomous bodies the primary aim of ISGCT is to collaborate scientists, physicians, patients, regulatory authorities and industry on one platform to evaluate the progress made in the field of stem cell and gene research, treatment and results. We will be showcasing cutting edge technologies such as DNA amplification, disease identification through next gene sequencing, genome editing and autologous DNA and stem cell therapy.

We cordially invite you to take this opportunity for branding your company as this will be providing you with an international as well as national platform. You can also use this platform to showcase and highlight your companies’ products by taking up stalls at the venue during those two days.


Attendee Types


UP TO 10 Jun 2020


UP TO 27 Nov 2020


INR 2000

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Attendee Types


UP TO 10 Jun 2020


UP TO 27 Nov 2020

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USD 150

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Gene Research Foundation Trust

Venue Location

Bengaluru , Karnataka , India