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IAFM CONFERENCE 2023 Organized by Indian Association of Functional Medicine on 8th, 9th & 10th of December 2023

Virtual-Online Theme: Hacking Your Health for a Long, Happy & Healthy Life In today’s world, many people are struggling with chronic non-communicable diseases, which can’t always be managed through traditional medical treatments alone. The conventional approach of viewing diseases as a simple cause-and-effect phenomenon can be ineffective when dealing with the increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, Autism, Autoimmune disease, hypothyroidism, and many others.

Our mission is to provide research-based knowledge to help you regain control over your health. We work with some of the best minds in the industry to offer you expert guidance and support. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the latest and most effective information on how to reverse chronic illnesses and improve your overall well-being.

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2:30 PM


3:00 PM

Nutrition and Stress – a 2 Way Street

Neha Ranglani is Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach

Neha Ranglani

3:30 PM


4:00 PM

Psychology of Change

Nithya Subhramaniyam

4:00 PM


4:30 PM

BioFunctional Dentistry: The Missing Link to Total Wellness

Dr. Samir Nayyar is Founder of OxyHeal Functional Medicine Dentist & Expert in Medical Ozone Therapy

Dr. Samir Nayyar

4:30 PM


5:00 PM

HBOT for Health & Healthy Ageing

Dr. V V Vinesh Ram is MBBS IFAAM, FIPM 

Pain & Aesthetic Physician, specializing in hyperbaric medicine, focusing more on chronic pain & pelvic pain. Founder Pelvic Pain India.

Managing Director, Aliva Hyperbarics & Health, 

Dr. V V Vinesh Ram

5:00 PM


5:30 PM

Wholistic ECP for Full Body Care

Dr Sukhbindar Singh Sibia is MBBS, MD(Medicine)

President – International ECP Association 

Founder, Director & Senior Consultant Physician – Sibia Medical CentCentre 

Dr Sukhbindar Singh Sibia

5:30 PM


6:00 PM

Insights of Ozone Therapy in Preventative Medicine

Dr Mili Shah is President of Ozone Forum of India & Trustees of Bisleri Charitable Trust, Expert in Oxone Therapy

Dr Mili Shah

6:00 PM


6:30 PM

Diabetes Missing Link

Dr. Stefanus Snyman is President of Ozone Forum of India & Trustees of Bisleri Charitable Trust, Expert in Oxone Therapy

Dr. Stefanus Snyman


Indian Association of Functional Medicine (IAFM)

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Venue Location

Virtual-Online , Bengaluru , Karnataka , India