IACI 13th Annual Conference Coimbatore

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We are glad to welcome you all for the 13th annual national conference of the Indian Association of cardiac imaging, conducted in association with Kovai Medical Centre And Hospital and the TN & PY chapter of IRIA from 13th to 15th October 2023, At KMCH Main Campus, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Coimbatore is a fast-growing city with excellent connectivity and is considered a medical hub at the forefront of healthcare in the region. And it is only apt that the national conference on cardiac imaging, being an exciting sub-specialty driven by the forefront of technological innovations in imaging technologies, comes to Coimbatore this year.
The IACI is the apex body for cardiac imaging in India with a strong presence among radiologists and cardiologists interested in cardiac imaging. The annual conference of IACI is a grand affair with top cardiac imaging specialists coming in to share their expertise. The annual conference this year will span three days with three simultaneous halls with enriching academic content. There will be a hands-on cardiac MR workshop with delegates having access to advanced CMR post-processing software. The workshop will cover all the basics of performing, post-processing, interpreting, and reporting a cardiac MR over two days with hands-on experience.

Continuing with the tradition of joint symposia with International societies, there will be an advanced structural Heart Disease and Plaque Imaging Joint Symposium by experts from SCCT and IACI. We have an IACI - SCMR joint symposium on non-ischemic cardiomyopathy and CMR imaging in arrhythmias with experts from SCMR sharing their knowledge. We also have a joint session with the Indian Academy of echocardiography (IAE) stressing the importance of multimodality imaging. And to top it off, we have a CT pinnacle session focussing on the cutting edge in cardiac CT.
The residents have paper and poster presentations with exciting cash prizes to be won. We also have a one-day technologist workshop to make them do cardiac CT and MR scans in a more easy and efficient manner.
The organizing committee of the national conference takes immense pleasure in inviting you all to the serene city of Coimbatore. With its close proximity to the Western Ghats and the many cultural and leisure spots surrounding it, you're guaranteed the experience of a lifetime with a mixture of academic and ethereal enlightenment


Attendee Types

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UP TO 10 Oct 2023

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UP TO 15 Oct 2023


INR 4000

INR 6000

Consultants (IACI Members)

INR 6000

INR 8000

Consultants (NON - IACI Members)

INR 8000

INR 10000

Trade Delegates

INR 8000

INR 10000


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Indian Association of Cardiac Imaging (IACI)

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Venue Location

Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital , Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu , India