Diabetic Foot Workshop Secunderabad

About Event

Indian Podiatry Association Organized the Annual State Conference “Live Diabetic Foot Workshop & Certificate Course” on 2 & 3 September at KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad

Workshop Highlight

¤ What Diabetic Foot Specialist wants to learn- Basics to Advance 

¤ Ofoading Techniques & Galt Analysis 

¤ Workshop on Advance Wound Care 

¤ Workshop on Latest Debridement techniques 

¤ Workshop on Conservative Orthopedic Surgeries in Podiatry 

¤ How Diabetes Affects Wound Healing. 

¤ Workshop on New Dressing for Wound Healing 8. Science of HBOT vs Topical Oxygen TWO2 in Chronic wounds. 

¤ Workshop on Dermal Regeneration for Enhanced Wound Bed Preparation 

¤ Workshop on Collagen Matrix for early healing of Diabetic wounds 

¤ Workshop on PRP/PRFM for Early Healing 12. New Guidelines for Diabetic Foot Infections 

¤ Latest in Nail Surgeries 

¤ Fat Pad Restoration & Dermal Fillers for Diabetic Feet. 

¤ How to Salvage Ischemic Diabetic Foot- Role of Stem Cells 16. Insights of Venous Disease & Workshop on Compression Therapy 

¤ 3D Scanning for Custom Orthotics - A must for New Podiatry Clinic 

¤ Charcot's Foot…What should not be missed in Diagnosis 

¤ How to Setup Podiatry Clinic - Goal of IPA To "I Prevent Amputation".


Attendee Types


UP TO 3 Sep 2023

Workshop & Registration Fee

INR 18000

Credit Hours Applicable


  • Day 1

  • Day 2


Indian Podiatry Association (IPA)

West Delhi, Delhi, India

Venue Location

KIMS Hospital, 1-8-31/1, Minister Rd., Krishna Nagar Colony, Begumpet, , Secunderabad , Telangana , India , 500003