CosUG 2020

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It is a great honour to continue to serve as Director of the CosmoStem Institute of Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine Program. I am excited to share some of the program’s successes and our vision for the coming year.

The past year has seen some interesting challenges and also some great successes. The CosmoStem Regenerative Medicine Program continues to become locally significant, but also global in scope and impact with its collaborative spirit. Our mission has always been focused on bringing together forward-thinking scientists and clinicians. With numerous program activities including, seminars, research update talks, invited experts, annual retreats, and symposium, we foster a sense of community and provide a foundation for our shared research interests.

We are pleased to announce, together with the Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area, CosUG, StemCell Xpress & ROWT, our offering of Regenerative Medicine Diploma Programs. Students that enrol with us, engage in and learn processes and methodologies affiliated with regenerative medicine and bioengineering. Relevant research includes organogenesis, tissue engineering, PRP, stem cell research and clinical therapeutics. Our program is uniquely broad, yet intimate. We have the infrastructure to maintain a close-knit and supportive learning environment and plan to make this a larger part of our mission.


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UP TO 31 Mar 2020


UP TO 18 Jun 2020


UP TO 18 Jun 2020


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New Delhi , Delhi , India